Self-care for the Win: Tricks for Health on the Road

Self-care on the Road: Tips and Tricks

It’s easy to imagine #digitalnomadlife in the typical fluffy form: mojito in hand, new faces, new places and a constant state of adventure from the comfort of your laptop. While life on the road certainly lives up to its reputation at times (wink), let’s be real—it can get exhausting. Whether you’re traveling on a shoestring or working 40-50 hours, too much of anything is, well… too much.

We rounded up some tips and tricks from nomads near and far to stay sane while you’re staying somewhere far from home.


Before you’re off to put another stamp in the passport, there are some things to add to the list. While you might not be able to control that hostel dorm mate who’s decided to wrestle a plastic baggie at 6 a.m., you can arm yourself against unwanted noise, light and general discomfort.

Remember to bring:


-Melatonin tablets/sleep tablets


-Noise-canceling headphones


-Soft sweatpants

-Your favorite lipbalm

These items might seem small, but they can make the biggest difference when you’re needing some comfort—or simply sleep.

Schedule Time

Whether it’s first thing in the morning, an entire day of sightseeing or just some time reading in bed, scheduling your self-care in advance helps you prioritize its importance.

Since travel often includes the hiccups of missing a bus, a delayed flight or the classic case of bureaucratic red tape, carving out time in your schedule to relax and reflect is crucial. If you want to handle all the bumps of the road in smooth style, having the time to take it all in makes everything easier.

Unplug and Unwind

Phones. Laptops. Cameras. Kindles. It seems like everything is on a screen these days— and it’s scientifically proven that screen lights have a habit of keeping us awake and anxious.

Unplugging from it all is an easy, natural-feeling way to refresh. Go on, bask in the glory of some time on the beach with just a good book and the sound of a guitar (the waves too). Find ways to occupy yourself without the easy flick of a thumb or typing on a keyboard—it will help you reset and power off.

Make Time to Reflect

Sure, you’re gallivanting the world, doing all the things and meeting all the folks—just make sure you take some time to pause and turn inwards. Bring a notebook. Write stuff down. Pause. You’ll thank yourself later.

And speaking of thanking yourself, why not take some time to reflect on where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going—both inward and outward? Even making a list of failures and wins can help get the hurricane of thoughts in your head a bit more organized!

Another proven way to pause is meditation. There are even apps to help you get out of your head and into that quiet space—even if it’s just a few minutes.

Meditation apps:

Insight timer - Free guided meditations + timer (

Calm - Meditation techniques for sleep/stress (

Stop Breathe Think - Mindfulness guided meditations (

Headspace - Classic guided meditation app (

Physical health

It’s easy to get caught working one way or another (we’re definitely guilty of that), staying up too late sending e-mails… you get the idea. Since most digital nomads are traveling AND working, challenging themselves with an itinerary while trying to keep track of their work schedules, finding balance mentally and physically is crucial.

We rounded up a few gym apps in our last blog post, but here they are again as well as some health/wellness apps

Zeamo - International gym passes (

GymPass - International gym passes (

Global Fitness Pass - International gym passes (

Sweat - app built with female trainers (

MapMyFitness - app for tracking fitness (

Skimble - workout app/trainer (

My Water - Tracks + reminds you to drink water throughout the day (

HealthyOut - Healthy Restaurant Nutrition Guide (

Food Intolerances - handy app for or peeps with intolerances/sensitivities (

Self-care for the Win

In short, self-care is essential to staying healthy both on the road and at home. So go ahead, give yourself a self-hug—you deserve it!